As the last few days of our 10 week project starts to wind down it’s time to finish up with the planting and hand over to our clients for the days we’re not there carrying out our weekly garden maintenance visit.

Although we do provide an ongoing plant care package we can’t account for the heat that the UK has been getting over the past 3 weeks so watering is top of the agenda to keep the plants and shrubs in check until they’ve had a chance to establish themselves.

We will be there for one day a week to carry out garden maintenance but this is by no means enough to give them the amount they require to thrive in the early stages. To enable our clients to be more hands off we always recommend installing an irrigation pipe(or drip hose) amongst hedging and newly planted beds to allow the water to drip in over a longer period of time. This slow watering process will help the plants to grow roots alot deeper which will make them less susceptible to drought and extreme weather conditions long term.

Now that this design has finished we’re full steam ahead into grass cutting season across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex and start on a new design in a week or so once all drawings are finalised. I’ll take you along the highs and lows from start to finish once we get the go ahead!

For now, if you have a lawn or a garden that’s already getting away from you visit our contact us page to get a free consultation to discuss your requirements, whether it’s for a one off clear out to get it back into shape or for a weekly spruce up so you can get out in your garden and enjoy the sun!