Garden Maintenance

Ben Lannoy Landscapes offers a cost effective, professional garden maintenance service to residential and commercial properties throughout Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey and work on anything from small residential gardens to large estate management contracts.

Our garden maintenance service also offers a one off clearance package that will bring your garden back to life with advice on how to maintain it afterwards.

We believe that keeping the plants, hedges and lawns at their best with regular feeding, pruning and watering at the relevant times of the year is the only way to ensure long term healthy growth and all staff are qualified to carry out these tasks.

Lawn Mowing Services

We have a lawn mowing service that will cut your grass in the most efficient and effective way. All lawns are strimmed, edged and then mown with a top of the range Hayter self propelled rotary mower, leaving lawns with a lush striped finish that will last longer than an average mow. We leave any lawn mowing to the very end when possible to leave a clean finish until the next visit. You can also find out more about our professional lawn care and renovation service here.


We keep up on our knowledge with plants and trees so we can always advise on buying, planting and pruning. We also make sure to keep our tools clean at all times to avoid diseases being passed to the plants. Our pruning skills cover all roses, shrubs, trees, perennials, groundcover, palms, climbers and just about everything else found in a UK garden.


Hoeing is an important part of keeping your beds clear of weeds and disease but we also know when bulbs and smaller plants are starting to appear is when we should be doing it all by hand. Attention to detail like this can make all the difference come the spring.

Lawn Care Services

We know how important lawns are to people because they’re important to us. The feel of fresh, bouncy grass on your feet is what everyone family wants so we feed and weed lawns to keep them at their optimum root strength and at there most vibrant green colour throughout the year. Scarifying and aeration is also included. To find out more head on over to our Lawn care programmes.

Hedge Cutting

We have the tools to cut and shape just about any species of hedge. This includes formal topiary hedging. We take away and dispose of all of our garden waste responsibly for a small charge.


We have a select few turf suppliers we use because we know the quality that they deliver helps us to do the same when it comes to our part. Our turfing service is quick, straight forward and we believe the best quality and value for money you’ll find. Check out our portfolio to see some of our turfing projects.

Jet Washing

All of the tools we carry are the very best and this is no exception with our jet washers. We clean patios, house and garden walls and all other washable surfaces.

These are just some of the jobs we carry out and we believe we give the best value for money with our knowledge and professionalism.

How Much will it Cost?

You can get the Ben Lannoy Landscapes Garden maintenance team in to look after your garden at very competitive rates. To receive a free, no-obligation quote, contact Ben today.

Contact us now to see what great deal we can offer you!