Something that I thought was worth mentioning was that for the past few weeks we have opened our virtual doors to our very own plant selling service. Already we have started to see a great response from our existing garden maintenance and garden design clients throughout Hampshire, Surrey and the rest of the South East but as our online presence grows so do our daily orders! We have grown some from seeds, some from cuttings such as Geraniums, roses, choisya, verbenas and we buy some of the more mature shrubs like yews and box balls at wholesale prices from our friends in Italy, Holland and even from just down the road from our trade nursery in Milland!

Our plants are all sold at their very healthiest and we double check everything that leaves the premises. We are very passionate about the conditions our plants leave the yard so if there are any problems you might have with yours after delivery we offer a money back guarantee within a week if you’re unhappy in any way.

To help you to choose the right plant for the right situation we have even written a book for this very reason titled ’50 Popular Plants Used in Garden Design’. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we’re always happy to make a few suggestions, so please use our contact form if you have any questions, we love to hear from you!

If you are interested in the free ebook and newsletter just head on over to our homepage at Ben Lannoy Home and fill in your name and email. You won’t receive any sales letters and we respect your privacy so will never hand over your email to anyone, we just want to provide good content on plants, gardening and much more!

If you have any other questions otherwise please feel free to contact us.

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