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Planting Consultation Service in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex
23 May 2013

A planting consultation was something we had been offering on and off as an add on to garden design or casually…

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How to prune lavender – gardening tips, hampshire,UK
12 May 2013

how to prune lavender – gardening tips, hampshire,UK

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Garden Design Hampshire
Garden Design Hampshire – A parterre garden to add formality
9 May 2013

We were asked to come up with a garden design Hampshire which included adding a parterre garden to allow for a…

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Box pyramid (buxus sempervirens)
28 April 2013

Box is a dense evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves. It will tolerate sunny and shady sites and dry and…

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Garden maintenance Services, Rose Care and The Leaf Clearance Begins!
21 September 2012

The autumn months of September and October are when plants like roses perform at their peak and although the grass slows…

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3 Steps on How to Design a Garden
4 June 2012

There’s no doubt that learning how to design a garden comes with some sacrifice. I felt just how much of a…

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5 Easy to Grow Vegetables in Your Vegetable Garden
27 March 2012

Over the past month I’ve been participating in seed swaps around Hampshire and the south east and have had the opportunity…

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Wildflower Meadows of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex
11 February 2012

There’s no denying how much we need our native plants to be replicated and there’s no more of a picturesque site…

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Our Very Own Plants For Sale throughout Hampshire, Surrey and the UK!
25 January 2012

Something that I thought was worth mentioning was that for the past few weeks we have opened our virtual doors to…

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3 Online Tools I Use to Run the Business
18 July 2011

As I meet more and more people in the landscaping industry and I learn more and more online I realise that…

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