Royal hampton Court Palace Flower Show

There’s always something about the Royal Hampton court palace show that makes it completely unique and this year it definitely seems to be the seamless balance of art and garden design. It’s very hard to achieve an art installation that looks natural and inviting but more and more I’ve noticed that gardens are telling stories in people’s lives

By far my favourite design this year is Matthew Childs’ ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel.’ Matt was sat just six seats away from the bomber on the 7/7 bombings at Edgware Road and although he was horrifically injured, he eventually overcame his injuries and his emotional response to that day resulted in one of the most thought provoking and textually stunning show gardens I’ve ever seen at the Royal Hampton Court Flower Show. It starts with a walk through a brilliantly built rusty tunnel structure planted with ferns and other shade loving plants. Gradually the roof let’s in some light, defining the gradual recovery process which is clearly evident in the short journey through. The exit of the tunnel then opens into beautiful silver birches, alchemicala mollis and plenty of colourful perennials and soft grasses.

For me, this is what garden design is all about, a moment in life interpreted into a living landscape while telling a constantly evolving story. What makes it that much more impactful is the sheer willingness to never give up pursuing your dreams as there’s no doubt that Matt has shown they really can come true.